Friday, May 30, 2008

WTF moment of the week

So I'm starting something new- a weekly post on the WTF Moment of the Week. This week's candidates are:

-Rachel Ray- terrorist?
-Hillary Clinton's Enron-esque accounting (creative math. claims victory in popular vote)

& the winner of this week's WTF moment is:
Dunkin' Donuts for caving to a right-wing blogger who claimed Rachel Ray's scarf was jihadist. Orly? Said blogger didn't say jack when Megan McCain (daughter of John) was photographed w/a similar scarf later! This reminds me of Craig Hodges wearing a daishiki to the White House after a Bulls championship. Yea, Hodges has been "black-balled" from basketball ever since. WTF!

Monday, May 12, 2008

MySQL conflict!

Houston, we have a conflict! Firestarter Events´ SQL Learning Day down in Irvine which *might* be useful/informative vs the LAMPSIG meeting where I KNOW this month's topic is going to be useful right off the bat!

You might be thinking, ¨a 6 hour conference hosted my Microsoft vs. a 2 hour meeting down in mid-city? Slam dunk?¨ Not so fast! The main reason why it´s a tough call is that the Firestarter event is centered completely around Microsoft technology. This is fine but the top 3 environments I run are all Linux (#4 is my windows XP box). The SQL-DEV track (the one I´d be most interested in) is all based on .NET. I worked in a .NET environment long enough to know I don´t have much interest in spending my free time on it. The SQL-ITPro track, if anything, is the LAMPSIG competitor. So, hence, the quandary.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

MySQL permissions @ the next LAMPSIG

MySQL permissions is the focus of this month´s LAMPSIG meeting. Solomon Chang, a MySQL author, will be presenting. As always, we´ll be descending upon the local IHOP after the meeting where folks can unwind & meet everyone else.